Asia's Largest Self Storage Provider

When it comes to storage, experience Storefriendly Tower’s private club-like environment, from our mini storage locations, its security, to professional moving services, we offer a complete, one-stop solution for everyone.

Asia's Largest Self Storage Provider

When it comes to storage, experience Storefriendly Tower’s private club-like environment, from our mini storage locations, its security, to professional moving services, we offer a complete, one-stop solution for everyone.

Customizable Mini Storage Solutions
Effortless Storage & Retrieval


Self-Storage Solutions
Effortless Storage & Retrieval

Traditional Mini Storage

We provide a wide variety of units for storage in Hong Kong, allowing you to free up space at your home or office. Our mini storages in Hong Kong offers excellent security, 24-hour climate control, and fire safety measures.

Wine Solutions

Certified with the Wine Storage Management Systems Certification from Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency, the temperature and humidity levels of our cellar is strictly monitored and up to international storage standards.

Safety Box

A safe deposit box solution like no other We can ensure that high-value items like jewellery and confidential documents are always safe and secure.

Robotic Storage

Our high-tech, fully-automated security cabinet offers larger, next-level protection and storage in Hong Kong for our customers precious belongings.


Your Best Choice for Self Storage Solutions

Storefriendly understands the needs of Hong Kong residents and strives to provide a comprehensive mini storage Hong Kong service. We offer convenience, security, personalized space options, and attentive customer service. Whether it’s during the moving process or after storage, we aim to make it easier for you to store your most cherished belongings and enhance your quality of life.

Storefriendly Self Storage Group Maximizes Your Living Space

Founded in Hong Kong in the year 2002, Storefriendly Self Storage Group is one of the largest self storage operators in the Asia region. It has over 130 storage branches, 1.1 million square feet and 40,000+ customers across Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Taiwan. We strive to provide our customers Fast, Action, Search, and Tenacity (“F.A.S.T.”) quality mini storage services, and are committed to providing innovative self storage solutions to cater to customers’ needs, to maximize their living space and, thereby to improve their quality of life.

Mini Storage Awards & Recognition

Since 2006, our storage Hong Kong group has been a member of the International and Asia Self Storage Association, representing the industry in Asia and providing professional advice to representatives from around the world on how to operate each year.

Storefriendly has won many awards and received recognitions including ISO:9001 certification, “Q-Mark” quality assurance, 15 years of Plus Caring Company, the 2019 “Hong Kong Top Service Brand 10 Year Achievement Award” by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council, as well as other storage awards and recognitions.

The first Storefriendly Tower (Kowloon East) opened in 2021, providing a multitude of quality storage units and moving solutions, marks a transformational milestone for Storefriendly, striving to be one of the best mini storage groups in the world.

Accommodating your different needs Creating a diversified storage space

With Hong Kong’s scarcity of land, whether it’s for private or commercial uses, the society’s demand for storage space has greatly increased. It is very common nowadays for mini storage rental, but which Hong Kong mini storage operators are reputable? In addition to offering you a solution to insufficient space, Storefriendly Tower also provides a time-saving, speedy, one-stop professional mini storage and handling services, taking care of all your storage needs in Hong Kong!

Mini Storage Recommendation

Storefriendly recognises our customers’ needs, providing a diverse range of mini storage units to cater different storage needs. Customers in Hong Kong can access the storage facility at all times via Storefriendly’s smart access system. The Tower is also compliant with IoT energy management systems for optimal 24/7 temperature and humidity control, stringent fire safety measures, ensuring a reliable and secure environment for an easy and hassle-free self storage Hong Kong experience.

5 Benefits of Our
Mini Storage Services in Hong Kong

Storefriendly Tower is the Group’s first self-owned en bloc property in Hong Kong, equipped with comprehensive smart storage facilities and provides a one-stop management service. Storefriendly Tower offers customers secure and flexible storage spaces, and strives to enhance the overall mini storage rental experience.

1. Excellent Location

The first Storefriendly Tower is conveniently located in Kowloon East. It only takes 7 minutes to walk to the nearest MTR station and 5 minutes to the nearby ferry pier and ferry bus terminal. Storefriendly will continue to expand its storage Hong Kong branches, with other Storefriendly Towers already under way, we always hope to provide a convenient and efficient mini storage experience to all Hong Kong customers.

2. Self-Owned Carpark (with charging facilities)

We understand the needs of Hong Kong customers for renting mini storage spaces. Each Storefriendly tower has its own carpark, suitable for both vans and private cars. Mini storage customers are also recommended to reserve parking spaces in advance to save waiting time. On-site elevators can go directly from the carpark and to mini storages on each floor, which is convenient for loading and retrieving items. The carpark is also equipped with charging facilities, so that storage Hong Kong customers can easily charge their electric vehicles while being at the tower.

3. Smart Facilities

Storefriendly keeps up with the latest trends, we constantly introduce new innovative technologies and facilities hoping to provide all-new self storage services. Mini storage Hong Kong facilities include high-tech business intelligence systems, with state-of-the-art automated security surveillance technology, 24/7 electronic gate access, as well as modern climate control systems, etc. Using smart technology, we provide high quality, reliable mini storage solutions in Hong Kong, which includes a cellar that received WSMS certification, app application for Robotic Storage and dual access systems for digital safe.

4. Diverse & Flexible Storage Solutions

Storefriendly Tower provides a multitude of quality storage units and moving solutions to cater to Hong Kong customers’ needs, including self storage, our cellar, robotic storage, digital safes, and multiple AI-powered facilities. Customer service officers at the facility are also well-trained to advise guests on appropriate self storage solutions to meet their individual needs.

5. First Self-Owned En Bloc Property

The first building in Hong Kong with diverse storage spaces, Storefriendly Tower has a smart 24/7 mini storage management and centralised security system. Storefriendly Tower distinguishes itself for its state-of-the-art design, it also houses comfortable lounge areas offering beverages, high-speed WiFi and charging facilities. 24-hour security patrols and management make the mini storage experience safer and more assured.

Spring Surprise Sale

Free 6 months storage

Customers who rent for 12 months or more at the designated branch and sign the contract within 7 days after the visit will enjoy a 6-month rent-free period!

  • The promotion is valid from now until March 8, 2024.
  • The offer is applicable only at Storefriendly Towers  (Excluding Kwun Tong).  
  • The gift quantity is limited and available while supplies last.
  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
  • For more information, please inquire with the store staff.
  • In the event of any disputes, Storefriendly reserves the right to make the final decision.

Mini Storage Customer Reviews

Real Testimonials for Our Storage Clients

More About Mini Storage Hong Kong Rentals – Customers FAQ:

Since being founded in 2002, Storefriendly aims to provide the best and the most efficient one-stop storage and moving solution, improving the living spaces and quality of lives of customers. Storefriendly Tower is a self-owned en bloc property of Storefriendly Self Storage Group, each tower has storage facilities and services designed to fit the needs of our customers. We also provide efficient management systems, safe storage environments and attentive services, to enhance the overall experience of using the mini storages. Our customer service officers will provide 24-hour mini storage recommendations and provide tools to customers whenever they need them.
  • Mini Storage Location

When choosing which mini storage in Hong Kong, the location must definitely be easily accessible, it would be best if it is located close to the MTR station or bus stop. There should also be spaces for loading or unloading items. Storefriendly Tower has a superior location, with convenient transportation network, customers can store or retrieve their items anytime anywhere. Each Tower also has its own carpark, customers do not have to worry about loading or unloading items.


  • Various Mini Storage Recommendations

Hong Kong mini storage companies generally provide a variety of storage unit size options, solving the general public’s needs in storage. StorefriendlyTower provides a multitude of quality storage and moving solutions, including traditional mini storage units, fully automated Robotic Storage, and themed storages. Amongst all, the mini storage has up to 9 sizes to choose from, from 8 square feet to 40 square feet, meeting individual needs of each customer. You are welcome to make reservations online for storage viewing, our customer service officers will provide you with most appropriate mini storage space recommendations!


  • Indoor temperature and humidity control

One of the most important factors for mini storage rental is whether it can provide a 24-hour perfect temperature and humidity control system to ensure that the stored items will not be affected and damaged by moisture. Storefriendly’s intelligent temperature and humidity control systems cover all storage spaces, ensuring that all items or important documents stored can be kept properly.


  • StoreFriendly mini storage recommendations and flexible storage solutions

Different customers have different storage requirements for the warehouse sizes, the length of the leasing period and payment method. In addition to providing diversified mini storage space recommendations and solutions, Storefriendly Tower also provides a flexible storage plan from 1 to 12 months. Customers can rent mini storage spaces according to their individual needs. From time to time, the company also launches a membership rental mini storage recommendation program. We accept different payment methods, including cash, cheque, bank transfer, PPS and various electronic payment platforms. Click here for details.


  • Storefriendly Tower Business Hours

We are open all year round, including mini storage, our cellar and robotic storage. They are open 24 hours for customers to deposit and withdraw items. 

If you want to know more about our promotions, you are welcome to visit our storage Hong Kong facilities in person from Monday to Sunday and public holidays during office hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

If you have any enquiries, please call the customer service hotline +852 8202 0220 during business hours. Our customer service officer is happy to provide you with mini storage unit recommendations and assistance. You can also send an email to [email protected], we will reply to your inquiry about renting mini storages as soon as possible.


Storefriendly Tower has been improving customers’ living space and quality of life since 2002, by actively providing customers with the highest quality and most efficient one-stop smart storage solutions. Each and every one of Storefriendly’s Towers, along with its supporting facilities, are built according to the needs of our mini storage Hong Kong customers. Storefriendly elevates the experience of self storage in Hong Kong with its efficient management system, safe & secure storage environment, and professional customer care. Our professional customer storage Hong Kong service team is available 24 hours a day, to provide recommendations and the best storage space based on our customer’s needs.

The location of our Storefriendly Towers were carefully selected to meet the needs of different types of customers. Our Kowloon East location, for instance, was chosen for its convenience, while meeting the needs of different customers in the area. Standing amongst office buildings, shops, and industrial buildings, Storefriendly’s wide range of storage styles can satisfy the needs of corporate customers, storing office supplies, documents, and more. While customers residing nearby, such as Laguna City, Lam Tin, Sau Mau Ping and Po Tat, can take advantage of Storefriendly Tower by storing their personal items and furniture et cetera when their homes have run out of storage in Hong Kong. Thanks to its convenient location, its great links to public transport makes it easy for mini storage customers who live or work further away from the location to access their storage unit. As for those who prefer to drive, the entirety of the building belonging to Storefriendly naturally comes with its own parking spaces. The many advantageous qualities of Storefriendly Tower in Kowloon East proves the location to be an ideal choice for customers who want to store items easily, safely, and quickly.
Storage size requirements can vary from person to person, we recommend mini storage Hong Kong customers to note the number and type of items they plan to store, in order for our team to recommend the best solutions for you.
Rest assured that Storefriendly offers professional transportation services, providing a one-stop to your self storage experience. Our all rounded services from the planning to storing of your items makes us the ideal choice for mini storage — along with the option to have a virtual viewing, you can also rent and store with us in the comfort of your own home.