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Wine Cellar

Certified with the Wine Storage Management Systems Certification from Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency, the temperature and humidity levels of the Wine Cellar are strictly monitored and up to international standards, to preserve the wine at the best condition. There is also an exclusive wine tasting room, where guests can enjoy wine in a private setting.

Robotic Storage

Keeping up with the world’s pace, Storefriendly extends the idea of Smart Home to storage space, Robotic Storage customers can scan the exclusive QR Code through mobile APP or directly at the dedicated Robotic Storage, the Robotic Storage will then be sent to the front desk of the waiting area, and customers can access their personal belongings, which is easy and convenient.


Storefriendly recognises our customers’ needs, providing a diverse mini-storage selections to cater different storage needs. Customers in Hong Kong can access the facility at all times via Storefriendly’s smart access system. The Tower is also compliant with IoT energy management systems for optimal 24/7 temperature and humidity control, stringent fire safety measures, ensuring a reliable and secure environment for an easy and hassle-free self-storage experience.